In a weird way, that’s the beauty [of being an actor.] You get to live out things that you’re afraid of, and you get to say, 'Well, maybe I can get to the end of it and survive it intact and I can be the hero of my own story.' It’s kind of a way of exorcising fear.


Sky performing at Boston Calling on September 6th

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Lady Gaga speaks about her fans at the artRAVE in Berlin, 09 October 2014

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I saw so many artists this weekend, including: Mø, Black Kids, Cults, Best Coast, Zedd, Chvrches, St. Vincent, Belle & Sebastian, Tune Yards, Sky Ferreira and some more (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

She was used to take off her clothes and put on a robe to be more comfortable. One day while we were shooting, we had to have a very surprised reaction, and we were doing the scene and she stood up and she flashed us! It would have been funny if it’d been just pajamas underneath, but she was topless. And she had actually cut out… She had made Mickey Mouse pasties, to cover her breasts. Every time now I see Mickey Mouse I think of breasts. And every time I see breasts I think of Mickey Mouse, and it is a problem, I’m telling you! - Jason Schwartzman 

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a really creepy man just licked my car and harassed me in a stop light.


That gum you like is going to come back in style (x)

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